Play in Dadeville

Come out and play with us

Dadeville is a perfect place for a relaxing vacation, a picture-perfect family reunion, an invigorating business retreat, or a beautiful lakeside wedding.The mild and pleasant climate is suitable for year-round activity, with plenty of lodging and dining choices to suit everyone’s tastes.We offer a full calendar of events and year-round fun, which makes Dadeville ideal for a visit any time of year. And who knows? Once you experience everything that Dadeville has to offer, you may even decide to stay forever!

Arts & Culture

The Lake Martin area, with Dadeville at its center, has a very lively performing arts and music scene. From holiday concerts to arts and crafts shows to local theatre, Lake Martin is an art-lover’s delight.


Dadeville has restaurants to please everyone’s palate. From relaxing lakeside dining to local cafes and grills to some of the best barbecue you’ll ever eat, Dadeville has it all.


Dadeville boasts many quaint shoppes and boutiques, some in town, and some just a bit off the beaten path. From antiques to handmade jewelry to fabulous finds, you can shop ’til you drop!